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Default Re: Should Grizzlies invest long-term in Zach Randolph?

Originally Posted by praneel

Wait until he becomes a FA and then match anything he gets unless someone throws crazy money at him, which I doubt.

Please learn from the Rudy Gay debacle, let someone actually throw their hat in the ring before offering him the max. You just bid against YOURSELF! No one would have given that dude 50 million.

The next CBA might make it cheaper to sign him. If you sign him to an extension now, you are just bidding against yourself again. So a poorly run team like Memphis will really do it.

Trust me, just about every source that deals with the NBA has said that many teams were going to offer Gay the max. Teams had space to burn and Gay was the cream of the crop after the established stars that made all the headlines. Minnesota,NJ and LAC at the very least. If you let someone else dictate the terms, they will structure it so you have to make a huge up front payment or something else you'd rather not deal with, so it was better to just get it done if they were in deed going to match the max.

They will not have the right to match Zach Randolph. He'll be unrestricted where Gay was restricted.
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