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Well, I don't see it happening. Number one....the Bulls would be without anyone under contract over 6'10". The Bulls would only do this if they had someone like Nene lined up OR they would have to know that Toronto is in FACT NOT picking Aldridge. That way the Bulls have a young Aldridge to be patient with. The Suns would KILL as long as Stoudemire is healthy. Chandler would kill alongside Stoudemire. Diaw would start at SF in this scenario. I just can't see the Bulls doing this unless they have a bigman lined up. He would be AWESOME for the Bulls though. Imagine the Suns adding Tyson AND a #2 pick AND stoudemire coming back and all they have to do is give up Marion. DAMN. I would do it if I were them. By the way I realize Tyson hardly played much last season, but there was a stretch when he was finally getting rebounds and playing decent D. I'd rather keep the pick and go HARD for Nene. Just imagine Nene, Tyson and Aldridge! That would be sweet. Does anyone here think we'll draft Morrisson? Think about the ticket sales!!
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