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Originally Posted by Q.E.C
I like the trade and all, but I still wanted to see how Ariza would do now that Yao Ming is back. I think the Rockets did this so they could build up Budinger, who might end up starting at the end of the year.


I too wanted to see how Ariza played alongside Yao Ming. I was sure his going would improve, but I guess Morey wanted to go a different direction.

Another reason why I think Houston made this trade was because we didn't have a defensive minded player at the SG position. Courtney Lee can play some defense [that's what I've heard in the NBA forum, someone confirm this] , that gives Houston another option if Martin is getting abused on the defensive end. I didn't like the trade because I thought Ariza's game would improve once Yao came back, but I'm hoping this trade can work well for Houston.
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