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Default Re: My Summer League-- Lamar Doom's Twilight Tour Into Greatness (photos, stats, video)

I just read the whole thread, good stuff guys!

Originally Posted by Lamar Doom
If you guys are in leagues and want to post about it, go for it.

I might just do that. Practice/try-outs for my local amateur rec league here in England start up again next month (I think the season officially begins in October), I was thinking of joining my local ball club. It's pretty cool the way the league's set up, there's teams dotted around half a dozen towns in the county up to 30 miles apart, so you get real 'away' games - it could make for some nice photos and write-ups in this thread (provided I make the team of course).

Anyway I'll see how it goes, at this point I've hardly played ball all summer so need to get back into it, not to mention lose a few lbs.
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