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Default Re: Baylor Bears on the Rise

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat

i'm not familiar with happened at baylor, could someone inform me?

also, wasn't drew hired post scandal? if so, his new regime and what he's done is pretty damn impressive. Perry Jones is going to kill this year. First team all Big 12. Book it.
Yes he was hired after Dave Bliss tried to cover up one of his players covered up a murder. That was a massive scandal. Drew's more your garden-variety, purchase-high-school-basketball-players type. The Mount Rushmore of current cheaters among college coaches would be Scott Drew, John Calipari (duh), Rick Stansbury and...well, I'd have to think about the last one. Everyone would shout me down as being some sort of bitter fan (I'm not) if I nominated Bill Self, even though he'd certainly be a candidate.
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