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I think it has more to do wtih the CBA coming up. Morey knew that this would mess them up for at least 3 years in teh CBA is truly going to change like it is rumored. ariza is just not worth the contract that he was getting.

ariza with yao would have been a lot of the same things. ariza is actually best with a running team, so he doesnt sit out like he is a damn shooter or something.

i like ariza as a player but just not for the rockets, and i think adding yao is a negative for a guy like ariza. the ball is going to be slowed down a little with yao around. i am hoping the negative effect on brooks is not similar in my theory.

i hope lee is not the same type of defender as ariza. I got tired of seeing him going for steals just to miss out on the steal then give his man a wide open shot. i hope lee is more conservative and is better at positioning. I do not remember hiom being especially good or bad at defense in the finals run with the magic....and i did not watch any nets games last year.
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