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Default Re: anyone else here able to grip the ball w/ one hand and not the other?

I can palm a nice indoor ball (like an evolution or a TF-1000) with my right hand fairly easily. With my left, I might be able to palm it, but I can't move it around or it will just slip out. I don't really think it has anything to do with strength tho... just coordination. I think this because I am about 10 X stronger now than I was when I was a skinny 14 year old, but at 14 I could palm the ball just about as well as I can now. It's like your left leg... you can't kick a ball as hard with your left leg as you can with your right because you aren't used to it. A lot of soccer players can kick a ball pretty good though with their off leg because they practice it. I'm sure if you spent a lot of time trying to palm it with your left you could do it.
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