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Ariza would be a much more effective player with Yao back and Kevin Martin there for a full year. He's a much better player when he doesnt have to create his own shot and just play off the ball.

Having said that, he is a role player and thats a lot of money committed to him for 4 more years....especially if he is going to come off the bench. He also isnt a good enough on the ball defender to justify the extra money.

At the end of the Day Courtney Lee is a sufficient replacement for Ariza at a MUCH lower cost.

Houston was gambling that Ariza really figured it out in the playoffs with the Lakers, but it turns out he just got hot. Good move for Houston.

I'm still shaking my head how that trade made any sense for New Orleans. They lose Collison and "dump" Poseys contract (2 years remaining) only to take on a longer just as ugly contract (4 years) in Ariza. Ariza is a decent player, but that certainly wasnt worth losing Collison, a potentail allstar PG with a super cheap contract locked in for 4 years!
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