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Default Re: anyone else here able to grip the ball w/ one hand and not the other?

Mine comes and goes. I can grip with my right but only under certain conditions. Like right now my hand is dry so i cant even palm it with my right.
My left comes and goes too, but its gone more than the right.

Does an official leather ball have more grip? I am assuming. But i did take the plunge and went for the $100 ball and it gets here on tuesday.
Hoping its more grippy.

Like other guy i cant dunk cause i cant grip the ball good enough. And i cant jump high enough to get 2 hands up there. But im working on increasing my verticle. Plus im overweight now. Im 6'5 250. And i could dunk if i could grip the ball better, well dunk every time. Sometimes i can and sometimes i cant.
But grip is an issue. I got a tf1000 and its better. But im hoping the real leather ball is a lil more.
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