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Default Re: anyone else here able to grip the ball w/ one hand and not the other?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
This is going to sound ridiculous, but I've wondered if the relative moisture level of one's hands could also make a difference. In the winter, when my hands go all to hell and dry and crack all over the place, palming a cold basketball with my right hand seems mostly impossible. Come summer time, a little bit of heat and humidity in the air, hands nice and normal, twice as easy to palm a basketball. Like clockwork.

My hands are 8.5 long wide and 8.25 inches long.

And yes, I agree the biggest factor in palming a rock is hand size, I was just throwing out a contributing factor in my case.

Yes it definitely helps to have some moisture, but not too much. If you want a good grip, get some chalk and then blow into your hands. It moistens the chalk and makes your grip really good. You see Kobe doing it all the time.
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