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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I agree... the problem is that there is no balance in hip hop anymore...almost every body is aiming to pimp hoes and buss off they guns, which is OK when there is something else to balance the drama..

Hip hop music used to be about a rapper's flow combined with the Dj's production... When a rapper's top goal was to have the best flow/best production, that was when it was in its heyday...

Now Rapper's cling to this formula to make hit records more than the pride of their craft (which is to have the tightest flow and the best production)

the more I think about it, I realize that the best rappers are the ones who ultimately led the rest to ruin the game.....

If you think of rappers like Biggie, and Jay-Z, tupac, producers like Puffy and Dre......

these guys were the first ones to develop the "formula" that these unimaginative rappers use over and over these days...

Biggie & Jay talked about guns & b*tches and coupled it with Krystal and expensive clothes, hot cars and the life of a baller

Tupac made 'Thug-life' a popular term (and a popular problem with all the wannabe thugs who dont know sh*t about real thug-life)

Dre & Puffy were the premeir producers dring this period....

I think when we had Tribe Called Quest/Native tongues and Brand Nubian, Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions and others, we had a balance that covered most all aspects of the real hip hop experience... the art of making good music was the goal, not selling the most units......

Now rappers are believing their own tales and becoming too arrogant and self absorbed to consider the reality of where they fit into the world..they are mostly too busy bragging and pretending the world revolves around them instead of the other way around...

I really liked what Jay-Z tried to do with his latest album because I recognize it as the proper next step in a rapper's career... Even thouh his album didnt do as well as some of his others, Jay understands that he cant rap like he still lives in marcy projects anymore... that aint real.. he has to project his new experience which is different than what it was, but still real...

Rappers need to expand and begin to talk about something besides bagging hoes and living a wreckless life

the world is in serious turmoil right now and there are plenty of things to talk about.... Black folks have a million issues and rappers could be addressing those if they would stop talking about themselves and their fantasy world for a minute

The formulaic hip hop you talk about in a twisted kind of way is a perverted form of machismo aimed at suburb kids, selling them a fantasy world of guns, violence, toughness, luxury goods, and sex. All things unattainable when you are a high school student living in your parents house somewhere in Suburbia where nothing ever happens. Fans of hip hop will always love it, but you can sell a lot more records if you talk about being hard, getting pussssssy, owning nice rides and booze and drugs to the people who spend their days trying to score those items.
It's a proven money making formula but the dangerous thing is that the caretakers of the art form (those in the limelight today) are actually pimping out their art and turning over the music like they are turning out hoes. They may drive it into the ground. Hip hop will never die, but it could go into serious remission.
Record company execs are suits nowadays too, not like back in the day when people were in it cuz they loved the music. That means they'll care less about skills and more about the bottom line and that formula unfortunately works out better based on how many times you can talk about the 24 inch chain you just copped from Jacob's.

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