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Default ESPN Insider: Pacers Rumors (wrong forum)

A few days ago, Larry Bird told FanHouse the team could make another trade this offsesaon.

And Danny Granger has now given further details to FanHouse about whom they might target.

"We're not done yet," Granger said to FanHouse after Team USA in a scrimmage Saturday against China at Madison Square Garden. "I talked to management, and we're not done yet. What will happen, I don't know yet. We're still mulling over it. But we got a few things still up our sleeve.

"We're going to have to go after another big, I'm sure," said the 6-foot-8 Granger. "Losing Troy, he was great. I can play the (power forward) but I'm not a true (power forward). So we're definitely going to have to add another big, and I think that will be our main focus."

With Tyler Hansbrough still working back from his vertigo-like ailments, the team is thin at power forward. The Pacers have a couple expiring contracts to work with, so those could be used in any such deal for a big.

I think we are targeting Landry.

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