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Default JJ Redick

You guys are idiots. Redick can definitely shoot. Redick shot 42.1% from the field his senior year, and only shot below 40% one year when he shot 39.5%. Do the math there is no way his career average is 39% everyone on this forum is on Ray Allen's nuts and he shoots like 32% from three point range. Most importantly Reddicks pps were always very high, so he was not only a great scorer but did it effeciently.

I never liked Redick that much in college, but the idiots on this board are making me like him. Redick is definitely NBA calibre, anyone saying otherwise is retarded. The guy is not a stand still jump shooter. He can shoot off the dribble, going in any direction. He even has a fadeaway midrange shot. JJ Redick also has more range then anyone in the NBA. Take T-mac and have him shoot 20 30 foot jumpers, he would be lucky to hit 8 of them. Redick would knock down 15 or more of them.

The only thing about Redick is his handles aren't great. And he get's his shot stuffed when he drives the lane.
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