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Default Re: IF we trade Melo, what deal would you want?

basically i think we should try and trade him for another star if he dosent want to resign
i have thought of a couple of trades so we get somthing in return

1 .carmelo anthony 1nd round draft pic to indiana for hansbrough ( good relationship with lawson ), brandon rush and danny granger and we save 3 mill in cap space

2. carmelo anthony to new york for curry, gallinari , azubuike and randolph

3. carmelo to philly for iggy , speights and lou williams

they all work but its mostly just wishfull thinking on my part
if i had to to choose id choose trade one just for having another great outside shooter and star player in granger hansbroughs past with ty lawson and would be a fantasic base for our second unit and ive always just liked brandon rush

billups/ lawson /AC
granger/ AA / rush
harrington/ jr / rush/ balkman
Kmart/ hansbrough / willams
nene/ birdman
id go to war with that line up
but like i said wishful thinking

or even if we made it a 3 way trade -
denver gets

jakim noah

indi get

taji gibson

bulls get


that would give us

billups/ lawson
granger/ AA/ rush
deng/ harrington/ balkman
kmart/ hansbrough/ willaims
noah/ birdman

but still wishfull thinkling
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