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Thumbs up Kevin Martin

So, Kevin Martin really looks like he could be an excellent player in the coming years.

What do you think K-Mart could do to get better?

I say he needs to gain just a tad bit of weight and add some muscle to his frame. He's a bit skinny, but he still drives to the hole.

His handling skills are average but still need to get better. I think that if he could work on that, driving to the lane and getting better looks at the basket would be easier for him.

One other thing that bothers me about him is his shot. Well, yeah, it goes in but its so damn ugly. It takes him about a second to get it ready. Hopefully in the future somewill guide him to stop the crick in his shot. Maybe to not pull to the side, instead where his waist area is.

Oh, and shave the eraser off.

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