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Default Re: Turkoglu and Childress?

As a tribute to Hedo Turkoglu I decided to sum up some of his good and bad qualities for you guys after having a years worth of experience with him on our team:

Ball Handling Ability
Jumpshooting (when he's on)

Unfounded arrogance
Lack of passion
Horrible interview skills/assh*le tendencies
Underserved large contract

In summary, the bad outweighs the good, but the Suns like his predecessors (Spurs, Kings, Magic) have enough talent to where he will probably help more than hurt. The Suns sure won't be 3rd in the West, but they will probably at least be a lower playoff seed. That said we are ecstatic to get rid of his ass. Hopefully after the first month he won't be complaining about it being a different system than he had in Orlando and that he doesn't get the ball enough with Nash at the point.
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