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Default Re: Introducing: Ed Davis

Originally Posted by Toni
We added two new young pieces in Davis and Kleiza. It's going to take Davis 4-5 years before he starts contributing anything substantial but Kleiza I believe was the underrated acquisition.

He was the main offensive weapon for Olympiacos, Euro league leading scorer, tough, defensive minded SF that can rebound. He's only 24 years old and has all the tools to be a very good player in this league if he gets consistent minutes. Per 48 minutes he nearly matched the stats of Carmelo in Denver two years ago, which is extremely impressive.

Agreed, even though we may have lost Bosh's 24 points and 11 rebounds I still think we will have a good offense and a better defense with the acquisitions that BC has made this offseason. Getting rid of Turk and potentially Jose will make this team so much better defensively.
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