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I honestly think/hope Brad is involved in a trade. I don't really know what his personal reasons would be, and for him not to even play? Unless someone in his family died or something, which is hopefully unlikely.

Mike Bibby played like trash again. Please Petrie hand him the Glad trash bag and send the man packing!!! He literally shot us out of the game(not like you haven't mentioned this though...) and he's being a ball hog. He made Alston look like a freaking all star. Bibby shot 3/14 and had only 5 assists. His shot selection is worse than a blind cop's!

Petrie needs to get a defender at the basket. The D played by Miller/Reef makes me sick to my stomach.

Muss needs to play Justin more, but oh well at least this was a start. Musselman really needs to run the offense through Ron and run Kevin off some screens to get him open. Bibby should be benched because he's a flat out bum. The man is an overpaid ball hog that doesn't play D. How can you NOT bench Mike? I think Mike has single handedly lost atleast 8 games for us this season. **** Bibby, get this loser off the team!
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