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Originally Posted by LakerRaider
Look. If he wants to go to the Eastern Conference, then let him go to the Eastern Conference. Who cares??? It's not like we're in desperate need of him. Chris Webber, no matter what he says, probably never had any intention of going to the Los Angeles Lakers no matter what he says. It's like a not so popular kid with all types of potential saying that he's probably going to hang out with the coolest kid in school just to make himself look good even though he had no intention of hanging out with him.

This is pure speculation on ESPN's (Entertainment & Sporting Networks's) part. There is no new story. There is no new developing story. They're just telling you the same story in a different way.

Wasn't that what people were saying about Karl Malone??? He probably wouldn't do it for the sake of the restaurant he just opened. There are still some Sacramento Kings who actually believe that they're still rivals against the Los Angeles Lakers. Everybody has heard the stories of mariodeathgrip!!! and how people in Sacramento discriminate against his wife and children for being Los Angeles Lakers fans.

This won't be good for his restaurant.

This system would suit his skills, if he was the same player from his Sacramento Kings days.

Kings and Lakers aren't exactly rivals right now but that doesn't mean we still don't hate them.
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