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Default Some of my post moves

Sorry all i have are a few moves from the left block... I stopped the video and forgot to hit record again when I went to the right block... but the sun was totally in my eyes from over there and I had a hard time making shots anyway. I mentioned a few of these moves in the other thread and said I would post a vid... so I wanted to make sure I stuck to my word (i am a day late with it tho). But yea... these a few of the moves I utilize while playing in games. I have recently developed that sweeping hook in place of a more generic hook... It's a lot quicker, takes less energy, and won't get blocked... and it's at least as accurate going in if not moreso.

Also, I generally don't have the same dribble patterns while in the post... I mean if I always took 2 dribbles before my move, my defender would pick up on that pretty quick... but today I didn't think about it too much and not having a defender you can fall into weird habits. Many times I will not even take a dribble tho... It's completely random for me what I do in terms of dribbling in the post... but I really like to use an array of moves and dribble patterns to keep defenders guessing. I really did do a crap load of more moves on the other side and then I came back to that side... so it definitely sucks I forgot to film. Oh well, next time
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