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Default Re: Some of my post moves

Stopped the video before watching the first minute. The form on your sweeping hook is nice and your spin is smooth. But once you spin you carry the ball very, very low. You show the ball to the defense, mainly the help defender who double teams you. He can swipe easily at the ball. Always keep the ball high (near the chest area) in that situation so you can protect it.

You do the same with the baseline fade-away.

I really like the Black Tornado (remembering Shaquille O'Neal Laker style ). That's the baseline spin for those of you who don't know Shaq quotes.

You have good post moves and are a decent finisher but it's really important to protect the ball and focus on that. The closer you come to the rim the more they'll reach in and steal the ball from you.

I don't think I could keep the ball high on those... On the sweeping hook the whole sweeping motion starts low and then ends up high. I was watching some Pau Gasol highlights and when he does his fadeaways he doesn't keep the ball high... In fact he doesn't really keep the ball high on any of his moves, just when he gets it under the rim. Like I know what you mean tho cus Bynum almost always keeps the ball high and never gets stripped, then you have Dwight who never keeps it high and gets stripped quite a bit. However, I am such a good passer out of the post (that and shooting are the two things i can legitimately say I am good at ) that I know if a double game I could dish it off... I generally don't get doubled down there tho cus most of the time I don't get enough opportunities for that. I could try to keep the ball more in front of my body tho as opposed to the side... That's about the only thing I can think of. On my little step through move tho yea I have to be especially careful cus the ball is really exposed down there.

Yea the Black Tornado (Maybe the Red Tornado for me ) is a move that I love. If I feel the defender has a lot of his weight into me... it's tornado time lol. Hopefully have gotten away from him enough to score, but if not, then I can just dribble baseline and find someone.

you have a really solid base, should be easy for you to post up dudes who are the same height. I don't know how to shoot hook shots, looks interesting might give that a try. oh when I do my up and under, I turn into the paint and finish w/ the hand furtherest from the rim. so if i turn into the paint from the right block, step through, I finish w/ the left hand and use my body to shield.

Yea if a guy is my height, then I am licking my chops cus I feel like that's a mismatch. If a guy is taller (like more than 2 inches) then I just have to be smarter with my moves. Its pretty easy for me to seal my man and get where I need to go tho... it's just finishing that can be tricky. That up and under is based off of experience. From my experience, if people lunge at me, they end up on my left side, so I just take that step towards the basket and finish. A traditional up and under yea you would come back middle and finish with 2 hands or off hand. that just isn't the way it works on that move tho... people are in position to stop that. I make adjustments based on where the defender is tho so if he has lunged toward my right side, then I would just step middle and finish with my hand farthest from the basket (like you were saying).

Your hook shot is good , but my suggestion or you is to be quicker and Dont over-do your fadeaway lol , you were almost out balanced when you released the shot. But yeah if you wanna keep makin that form , just make sure you have the right foot on the right spot.

Yea I tend to be off balance when I shoot that shot off the dribble. If do it without a dribble... just a 180 degree pivot, my shot is much more on balance. I am so used to shooting off balance tho that it is actually natural for me... However, right now, my vertical is pretty awful, so I think it's worse than it normally is. when I had my vert up, I could jump higher and get more on balance. Or maybe not... I haven't filmed playing bball myself until after the injuries so maybe I am the same just slower and not jumping high
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