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Default Re: Some of my post moves

And one question... how come no one ever puts this guy a top 10 great of all time? He was finals mvp twice, won a regular season MVP, and just had a dominant game. Bot sure who I would take, him or shaq or even kareem if given the chance.

I have him in my 10

1. Jordan
2. Kobe
3. Shaq
4. Magic
5. Kareem
6. Bird
7. Duncan
8. Hakeem
9. Wilt
10. Russell (and it's only token from winning so many ships)

That season in like 88 or whatever it was when he averaged like 28, 15, and nearly 5 blocks was incredible... and the guy had the prettiest post game you'll ever see.

- Your hook shoot is good, but you have to do that faster.
- Your "Jordan Fadeway" if you see it's almost short every time, cause you're making the shot when you're still turning.
- Got some pretty left hand, most of the people barely try to do that in a game.
- The up and under is a good move, but not to do in a 5x5 game, cause the help defense will block you (you have the pass i know).
- Your jumper looks good, with good balance and nice "hand" work.

Yea the hook I can definitely work on the speed (it's new to me so I'm going to be a little slow) but it's a very difficult shot to contest (even if it's slow) because the release point is so far from the defender... which is why I barely have to jump while doing it too.

Yea I don't get great elevation so I kind of have to shoot the fadeaway while still turning. It also really makes it hard on the defender to recover and contest... but yea when I miss it's short cus I I'm shooting while I'm still turning and didn't get enough on it.

My left still needs work. I airballed 1 right before that but the rest I made or they rimmed out (I shot like 6 or 7 of them). I have a solid left, but it's definitely not my go to move and not a move I would probably try in the clutch I can confidently do it in the middle of a game tho.

Yea if the help came on that up and under I would just dish it off. Luckily for me, I don't play with many 6'8+ guys so I don't really have to worry so much about help D. People come over, but I can float it over them without too much of an issue. But yea i mean playing with those really big guys, they can come from the other side of the key and send that into the stands lol.... but that's if I didn't pass to their guy that they left and got an easy dunk
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