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Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
He is listed at 6'3", probably an inch shorter, but most guys are listed at taller heights than they really are. Yes, he is undersized, but he is not giving up 8 inches on a nightly basis.

He is unlikely to develop into a point guard. he just does not have the consistent handle to be one, and he isn't enough of a playmaker. He is best fit as a shooting guard bc of his scoring ability with his range and penetration ability.

He would fit well with a big defensive point guard. He doesnt mesh well with Baron, and quite frankly, Baron is hindering his development. Clippers need Baron to be the leader of this team of youth, but he hardly fits the bill. He is a defensive liability, and he is not consistent offensively, at least as a Clipper. He was plying in a system that doesnt fit his skilset, hopefully Vinny gets the ball up the court more often.

I hope the Clippers keep him. he stated last year he was interested in signing a extension with them. If he does not return, it will because he himself wants to leave, not the clippers. He will leave if he is offered a lowball, or a better situation.

Also, you forget that Bledsoe is going to need to learn how to be a point guard. Wall handled the rock the majority of the time in Kentucky. Don't expect him to be on the caliber of Collison, who played 4 years in college as a point guard under great tutelage. Don't even expect him to come in and get consistent minutes. With his inexperience, and Foye in the mix, he will likely see sparring minutes. This is going to be a learning experience for him this season.

I get what you saying. Bledose actually averaged 20pts and 11ast in high school.
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