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Default Re: Some of my post moves

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
I don't think I could keep the ball high on those... On the sweeping hook the whole sweeping motion starts low and then ends up high. I was watching some Pau Gasol highlights and when he does his fadeaways he doesn't keep the ball high... In fact he doesn't really keep the ball high on any of his moves, just when he gets it under the rim. Like I know what you mean tho cus Bynum almost always keeps the ball high and never gets stripped, then you have Dwight who never keeps it high and gets stripped quite a bit. However, I am such a good passer out of the post (that and shooting are the two things i can legitimately say I am good at ) that I know if a double game I could dish it off... I generally don't get doubled down there tho cus most of the time I don't get enough opportunities for that. I could try to keep the ball more in front of my body tho as opposed to the side... That's about the only thing I can think of. On my little step through move tho yea I have to be especially careful cus the ball is really exposed down there.

Yea the Black Tornado (Maybe the Red Tornado for me ) is a move that I love. If I feel the defender has a lot of his weight into me... it's tornado time lol. Hopefully have gotten away from him enough to score, but if not, then I can just dribble baseline and find someone.

I have seen a video tutorial of MJ explaining his fade-away. Also about carrying the ball high. Of course carrying the ball low will result in more momentum but good defenders will get the ball from you every time. Of course you don't need to do it, just some advice.
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