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Originally Posted by TheSick1
I find it funny how people can say Duncan is aging and very soon will be on the decline.

The one's people should worry about when they reach the early thirty's and assuming they will go soon decline are PG's, SG's, and SF' that time they have a bad time keeping up with the younger youth at those positions, they can not elevate for a jump shot as they once did, stop being mobile enough to where their first step can still beat someone off the dribble, and of course the knee's.....

Duncan is a finese player. Duncan keeps himself in shape and takes care of his body very well. He has never been a high flying bigman or strictly perimeter oriented.....he will still remain for years to come. Most big men do not even begin to dominate until their early thirty's. Let's look back at the last two big men who won titles before Duncan. Hakeem and Shaq who won titles in their thirties I believe....and look at Shaq....he's back again.....

Manu Ginobili......I don't know if I see him playing after this Spurs contract to be honest....the guy is so reckless, driven, and a warrior.....sooner or later all that will catch up to him.....

Tony Parker....guy is only 23.....All-Star.....averaged about 21ppg in the playoffs.....he'll be fine....

nicely put.
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