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How can you say no team is the East is as talented as the Heat year when the Heat essentially have the SAME players.

Are you kidding me? Ever heard of the word AGE? They're all 1 year older, and it's not like they went from 27 to 28....they have ALOT of veterans who are simply over the hill, watch the way they play. Even with Shaquille back, I don't see him dominating the same way anymore, he's a step slower...of course an east team can beat a west team, miracles do happen...but don't compare last season Miami team to this year...further more, look at the conference record...west is dominating the east this say my comments are absurd, but I'm not the one that's comparing a very good Detroit team that beat LA in the finals...or a Miami team of last season to this years team...of course they're still pretty damn good with Shaq back, but Dallas seem to improve from last season...Phoenix has Amare...SA is SA...and Miami haven't gotten better at all, just don't see the east winning.

Don't take my comments to heart, I'm just saying I don't see the east winning it this season...and I don't see how last season or the year Detroit won it is relevant....when both of those teams were legit contenders, this season I don't see a team in the east that can give Dallas or Phoenix or SA a run in the finals. Previous years, east still sucked...but they had those 1-2 teams that were really good, this's a one puts a fear in my eyes in the east.
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