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Thumbs up heres yer team knicks

just face it knick fans, NY sucks terribly...With LB gone, Isaiah who honestly isnt much better for NY takes over, first thing the knicks need to do is trade stephon marbury ok heres why marbury is a good player but honestly i mean wherever he goes its bad luck.

Phoenix was like 29-52 with him
New Jersey wasnt much better with him
Minnesota ? not sure but they didnt get no rings
and now NY ha

ok keep francis,trade ''MEbury''

all he does is score,score,score and hes not even good at that.

give marbury to Minnesota so he can hang out with KG maybe get some more offense for them. take jus marko jaric,yes use him as a back up for stevie wonder. send quentin richardson back to phoenix where he belongs, in return u get brian grant to boost yer forward position. get rid of Jerome JAMES who has nothing but sucked since arriving.

new look knicks=

Rose/sign free agent
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