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Miami this year has nothing on Miami of last year. Too many injuries and insecurities. D Wade can't carry them by himself and if you need proof of it look at their record.

The east plain sucks this year. But anything can happen come playoff time. Thats why i love basketball, anything can happen. If Basketball was so set in stone we knew for sure who was going to win the championship it wouldn't make this game thrilling and i wouldn't bother watching.

My Thoughts?

Cleveland chokes in the playoffs, Detroit and Orlando in my opinion have the best shot at the conference. The bulls have been looking better lately, and i honestly think the bulls could take orlando but a playoff matchup between pistons and bulls would be one helluva series to watch.

In the west? Who knows at this point, probably the big 3 and possibly lakers.

i doubt Miami even makes the playoffs this year though...Pat Riley already ducked out and thats not a good sign from a coach of his stature.
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