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I really dont know about this trade. Too many ifs. Can Chandler play like he is worth 50 million dollars? Can the #2 pick along with whoever splits Marion's minutes at the 3 and 4 be as effective as having Marion? I dont know. I would do it if Chandler could work on his offensive game. But, maybe the Suns draft Bargani(sp?) at start HIM at center? But what PHX needs is rebounding and defense inside....and Bargani cant really do wither. Maybe the best bet would be Tyrus Thomas: He can play the 3,4 and in PHX he would probably play the 5 sometimes. He would defensively do what Marion has done as far as defending players like Dirk and 4s. But, he lacks Marion's range. However, if PHX is sold on resigning Thomas, then possibly losing Marion does not become so painful. But, I love his hustle, his heart, his passion for the game. I would hate to see him leave. If Deng was in the deal, yea....maybe I'd be more for it. But right now. I am really just in the middle. Wish we could just trade Kurt Thomas and James Jones for a center that can basically do what Chandler does, posting up 7 AND 7 with block ability, for HALF the money. I dont know. Im confused
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