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Originally Posted by dwillreg
You are way off my friend. First of all Rudy Gay can do dunks that only Rodney Carney can dream off. Second, Gay at times dissapears in games and isn't very assertive. If he thought he was better than he was, he would constantly put up ill advised shots and become more assertive getting the ball. Gay needs to become more assertive and I think he will in the NBA if he learns from a good coach. As to going back to UConn, I was suprised he stayed for his sophemore year because he needs cash, he grew up in a bad neighborhood in Baltimore, MD and wants to get his family out of that. I have no problem with his discision to leave, but idealisticly he really needs to stay untill his senior year.
i didnt say it was a bad decision to leave, but being able to dunk better doesnt mean you can jump higher. Carney can do some crazy **** when hes in the air and can dunk just fine, although i cant say hes a better dunker than Rudy Gay bc he can dunk the ball as well. Carney is still more athletic and already shoots the 3 ball better
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