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Bill Swerski
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Default Lmao

Imagine if Chicago was stupid enough to trade the #2 and Chandler for Marion & Phx pick.... ...

Tyson runs the floor better than 99% of 7-footers.

...and Phx would snap up morrison @ #2...
...and put him in the backcourt w/ Nash...

Phoenix would be RIDICULOUS !!!!

Starting Lineup:

PG Nash
SG Morrison
SF Diaw
PF Stoudamire
C Tyson CHandler

Every last player in that line-up runs the floor extremely well. And, they're a BIG lineup. It'd be murder....

I want the Bulls to make this stupid-@ss trade, only just to watch that potential Phx lineup win the '08 title, and then the '09 title....

Whoo hhooooo, Phoenix would love that trade!!!
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