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I agree entirely with what you say. Can you go and coach the Knicks for the rest of the season?

Anyway, I expect a close game with all the rest that the Knicks got in the past couple of days off. If they start that line up they should surely open a noticeable lead. The only thing is the timeliness of the Zekes substitutions. You take out Lee or Frye at the wrong time I've seen the offense and rebounding crumble.

The X factor against the Knicks is Ben Gordon. The man is a PURE scorer. He can break you off the dribble, shoot the three and whatever else he pleases. You need a solid defender on him. None of that Nate is a quick defender crap. Either Starbury, Collins or Q. I can't see that Jefferies can defend any position crap happening with Ben Gordon. No way.

If the substitutions are smart and timely, and if it's not one of those games that Zeke just feels the NEED to give everyone on the bench playing time I see a healthy win this afternoon. Do the contrary and I see Ben Wallace, Deng and Gordon destroying the Knicks with at least a decent sized win.

Hoping for the best. Go Knicks!!!
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