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Originally Posted by bigdaddybluesman
They are playing the Bulls.

If you read the papers today it looks like Zeke is going to start Q at the 2 and use Crawford off the bench......gee what a great idea.

Haven't I and others been saying that?

Jefferies might go back to the bench and Lee start because Jefferies can't score even in the paint. He has been working on his low post moves with the coaches. Gee.....

Didn't some of the posters like myself mention that?

Again Zeke got caught with his pants down playing contracts and not players.

But I give him credit, he's smart enough to know when he errors and change it.

He has a vision and it's usually a poor one.

The bottom line is when they double on Curry, Frye can hit the short jumper and score in the low post. He also helps on D. When they shut down Curry, Curry he has to step it up and not worry about fouls, take care of the paint both offensively and defensively with rebounding, boxing out and other fundamentals like passing.

If Lee is in there they have instant rebounding and a low post scoring presence. That will take pressure off Curry and let Frye work a little farther out were he excels.

Q is bigger and stronger than most SG's and can bully them. He also has a great low post game, rebounds and shoots jumpers and three's. Very little weakness in his game.

This allows Marbury to be Starbury but with his new understanding of the role and what is expected of him. It makes his job easier.....

That lineup is BIG and strong, 6-2, 6-6, 6-9, 6-11, 6-11, they might have some matchup problems but that's why we have Jefferies and Crawford. Crawford for offense and Jefferies for defense. Crawford can play the point and the 2, Jefferies the 3,4,5. Why is Balkman on the bench?

Lee, Frye and Q can swing, giving us more flexibility.

I just don't think Zeke gets it yet. Part of the problem has been injuries, but why is he not using Cato? He can play the 4 and 5 and has played well when in there.

I'll say it again.

Q Rich

Second team:
Crawford 1st choice off bench for sg & pg
Jefferies 1st choice for SF & PF

Rose and Collins

Agree 100%
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