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Default Why is no one talking up the Mountaineers??

Didn't you guys see enough Big East basketball to know that Gansey and Pittsnogle both have the shooting ability to stay in this league 10-15 years? Gansey will be a GREAT role player on any team he goes to because he is the true definition of an intangibles player..He reminds me alot of Rip Hamilton the way he moves without the ball, and he can release the ball extremely quick..he SHOULD be picked 10-20..Pittsnogle should also be a first rounder...A tall guy who is improving his rebounding and inside play who can absolutely stroke it from deep, who wouldn't want this guy? He could have a career similar to Sam Perkins..Take my word for it, there will be MANY teams that regret not taking Gansey or Pittsnogle..They will have very solid NBA careers.
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