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Default Re: Some advice for basketball players

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
Wrong. and big mistake. Everyone ( apparently not) knows you should never never start a workout by shooting 3 pointers. Not even the best NBA shooters like Dell Curry, Stephen Curry, Steve Nash do. They don't wake up go in the gym and start burying 3s from 24 ft out like its nothing.

You know where they start 2 feet from the basket, and they miss also, but they quickly find a rhythm. You honestly shouldn't even attempt a 3 pointer until at least 10-15 minutes into your work out. They start in and slowly progress out, that's how you find your touch and most importantly build confident. I don't know how much, but there is no question some of the game is mental.

There are 3 types of shooting workouts i do right when I enter a gym. This is what I call it

The Steve Nash/Dell Curry/ I basically took their drills and combined them.

start out with Mikans layups
then 2-3 feet all around shooting get nice form and release.
10 ft out baseline to baseline
in the paint- mid fadeaways
banks shots short- just inside high shool 3 point line. 40 degrees
elbow to elbow shots
hestitation pull ups mid range- just inside 3 point line
step back pull ups mid range-just inside 3 point line
free throws 10-15 makes in a row
pick roll situations to pull up ( try to pull up around ft line area)
HS and college 3 point line shooting
NBA 3 point shooting.

IDK how long it takes me since I have never timed myself but it takes Steve Nash 20 minutes to do. This is the warm up btw, then you can do whatever you eel you want to work on. Steve Nash doing this workout.

Then at the end of my workout I try to do the Kevin Durant drill, which is kinda like aroudn the world, but you move very very slowly. You want to do this just inside the HS 3 pt line so about 18-19 ft. KD says he wants to feel like he can make it from every angle on the court, that's why he does this.

You have the right mindset to play college ball, but you just need to work on how you practice and play, but your halfway there. Remember anyone can play college ball if you really want to there are sooooo many colleges in the states it not even funny NAIA lower division teams you can see every guard on a team between 5-9 and 6'0 and like 165 lbs max and none of them that athletic or explosive. I have seen it with my own eyes.

However if you want to play "real" college ball at a good D2 school or mid major D1 or better you need to start practicing and playing the right way.

I think I worded it wrong, what I meant was that once I got warmed up shooting 3s they started to drop. I stretch first then I shot shots right next to the basket so I can get form down, then I slowly move out and spend a good amount of time at the mid range really working the form and my jump. If I tried to shoot 3s when I first enter a gym cold I'd be airballing every single one of them.

Thanks for the workout, I'll definitely check it out tomorrow since I'm about to sleep right now. Right inside the HS 3 point line, or deep mid range is really my comfort zone. I can pull up, spot up or come off a screen there and feel absolutely confident in my shot. Hopefully I can adjust quickly and get used to the longer range of 3s.

My goal right now is D3 because I don't have the time or commitment to travel and practice with a D1/D2 squad, but I'm still training max out because I'd rather be safe than sorry on getting better.
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