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Default Re: Some advice for basketball players

Originally Posted by carpevicis
I think I worded it wrong, what I meant was that once I got warmed up shooting 3s they started to drop. I stretch first then I shot shots right next to the basket so I can get form down, then I slowly move out and spend a good amount of time at the mid range really working the form and my jump. If I tried to shoot 3s when I first enter a gym cold I'd be airballing every single one of them.

Thanks for the workout, I'll definitely check it out tomorrow since I'm about to sleep right now. Right inside the HS 3 point line, or deep mid range is really my comfort zone. I can pull up, spot up or come off a screen there and feel absolutely confident in my shot. Hopefully I can adjust quickly and get used to the longer range of 3s.

My goal right now is D3 because I don't have the time or commitment to travel and practice with a D1/D2 squad, but I'm still training max out because I'd rather be safe than sorry on getting better.

To play at the next level ( in college) you have to be committed. A lot of guys are good enough to play at a college level, but one of the reason they don't is they are committed to it. You pretty much have to be in the gym playing or practicing almost everyday to get at that level, so you can't really use practice as an excuse, because your doing it already. Travel can be an issue, but most teams in your conference are from the same region so it doesn't usual take more than 2 hours to get there.

Lastly, NCAA D3 doesn't give athletic basketball scholarships which is part of the reason the lower teams in this division are so bad. NAIA D1 is way way better than NCAA D3. However, they do give " academic scholarships" though so most people on sports teams are on that.
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