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Default Re: Some advice for basketball players

Originally Posted by lilojmayo
To play at the next level ( in college) you have to be committed. A lot of guys are good enough to play at a college level, but one of the reason they don't is they are committed to it. You pretty much have to be in the gym playing or practicing almost everyday to get at that level, so you can't really use practice as an excuse, because your doing it already. Travel can be an issue, but most teams in your conference are from the same region so it doesn't usual take more than 2 hours to get there.

Lastly, NCAA D3 doesn't give athletic basketball scholarships which is part of the reason the lower teams in this division are so bad. NAIA D1 is way way better than NCAA D3. However, they do give " academic scholarships" though so most people on sports teams are on that.

Yeah I have no problems right now being in the gym everyday but I'm not sure how my schedule will look when college comes around so I can't say yet. It does bug me though that lots of kids I know say they want to play in college and that they had a hard workout which consisted of shooting around for half an hour after playing pickup, when they only go play basketball maybe once or twice in the summer. I haven't seen anyone on any of the levels of my HS team playing ball seriously let alone practicing this entire summer.

I might try and get an academic scholarship. School and academics comes naturally to me so it gives me more opportunities to work on basketball.
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