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Learning to shoot layups
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Well itz the end of the first half. Finally Frye hits a 3-pointer which he tried so hard to do at the begining of the season and i would always yell at my tv screen "NOOO." (Hopefully he doesnt get cocky and think he can shoot 3z now.) (jeffries needz just 2 stop shooting 3z.)
So far there were some good things i seen and bad plays. i saw good defense, which i noticed from Jeffries and Balkman. im startin 2 like them both. only for there defense tho. Q isn't shooting so well so far and neither is Crawford. Qz passing is horrible right now. hopefully he takes it too the hoop and shoot mid-range to get his confidence and/or swagger back from the 3 point line.
Curry lookz like he is going to have another double-double. Did you see that alley-oop from crawford. very nice play.
Lee is doing pretty well also. i like him hez a good fill-in. he also lookz like the type of player who can adjust to any chemistry on a team. he'll have a double-double as well.
Frye is doing pretty well also. his shooting is so much betta than last yearz.
PLAY NATE....HEZ THE HYPE-MAN!!..hopefulli they win this gamee "Takee mee home now"
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