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Default Re: Steve Nash embraces challenge, change

Good read. I'm excited to see how we'll do this year. Everybody counted us last year too (several "experts" didn't have us making the playoffs) so I'm not worried about it. I don't see Nash having a decline in his game because he doesn't really rely on athleticism. More on angles, fundamentals, capitalizing gaps and picking defenses apart with precision. What we did this summer is replace a highly efficient scorer with three low-volume, not so efficient scorers. It works well for our depth but we lack that dominant scorer that we once had in Stoudemire. And with Turk starting at the 4, our defense / rebounding don't get that much worse because Amare wasn't that spectacular in those areas.

I like the fact that we get another ball handler and a mismatch in Hedo. He can space the floor, take you off the dribble and pull up for the jumper. Also runs the PnR really well. It'll take pressure off of Nash and we can run plays for him off ball. I wish we could've re-signed Amundson; his hustle and energy will definitely be missed. Defense should get better as well. I hope RoLo worked on his offense a bit. Wasn't that polished last year and we'll have to rely on him more for his defensive prowess. I'm a bit skeptical about our rebounding but hopefully everyone will pick up the slack like we did in the playoffs.
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