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By the way, for you, or anyone else curious about his stats, here are a couple sites with his numbers.

And here's a breakdown of his stats last year.

While it looks like he doesn't put up super great numbers, don't forget it's a different kind of game, and his minutes were under 30 a game both seasons.

A "homer estimate" might put him at 12/9ish, with good D' and possibly an assist or two since he's a good passer. Just don't forget Duncan's going to get the majority of the inside scoring touches, and both Duncan and Blair are ferocious rebounders that will take a board or two away from Splitter per game. If Duncan goes down with an injury (has not happened often), Splitter should be much more valuble in fantasy bball.

He's still a valuble late round steal though, if people in your league are stupid and don't know who he is. But he won't give powerhouse numbers 'til next season imo.
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