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Actually they played Sacramento. My bad.....excuse me I hate that saying, my mistake.

We should beat them easily but they played hard.

Lee did a good job on Artest and like I have said he can play the 3.

Frye did exactly what he does and is getting better.

I was very happy with Curry and Marbury did his thing like a knife in their heart.

Why is Jefferies shooting threes?

I wish Zeke would realize Jefferies is a backup, period. He has no offense and when Curry gets the ball they leave Jefferies alone because they know he can't score. At least Lee knows his own game and can shoot the jumper, he just doesn't have the confidence yet.

The best team out there is with Mar, Q, Lee, Frye, Curry.

Crawford played better. But made some bone head moves as usual. But you can live with it as a bench player.

A good win against a lesser opponent that played hard.
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