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Lakers can do that 6 player deal and get miller and martin and still keep lamar.
First we resign and trade devean george(around 6 mil.) and Mihm(around 4 mil.) and kwame(8mil.) trade and we get kmart(10mil.) and Andre miller(5mil.)
and throw in like a big guy like najera or maybe a guy like reggie evans(5mil.)
Denver wants 2 get rid of Kmart anyway..and they want to get rid of some of their beg men becuase they dont wanna pay kmart, nene, melo, and Camby 10+ mil.they cant be paying 3 forwards a center 10+ so then well take 2 bigs off of their roster.In return they would get a young atletic guard/forward that plays great defense and can shoot the 3 to play along carmelo, and a young strong big man Kwame..(kwame is not better than kmart but he is cheaper and he wont bak talk to karl(head coah) and he will rebound and play defense and run, and well give them mihm another cheap big men that has value. that leaves them with big men that they want and the other big men that they dont want they can trade in a package for another point guard or combo guard. plus they have Earl boykins and they love him in for the lakers then that would leave us with a tight as F*** team...think about this line up
C.Reggie Evans
PG.Andre miller

*off the bench
Smush Parker--Combo Guard
Jay williams--point guard(we can sign him for cheap)
Ronny Turiaf--Center/PF
And we can trade some of our players for a guard. like B. cook,Walton,Mckie,Vuajic ether one of those and our first rounder to the Bobcats for their 3rd overall pick...i unno maybe liek B. cook and Mckie for there pick...From there 3rd pick we can get Brandon Roy,sick ass combo guard off the bench and we can trade our pick and Vuajic to Houston for their pick. then we can get a guy like jj redick to give us a nice oustside touch..But the center position still needs to be filled with a nice big brusier then our roster would look good but we would still add a few players maybe through free agency...imagine...and in a few years...Brandon Roy and Bynum will be a sick 1,2 punch...kinda like and an old great laker 1,2 punch(#8 and #34)That won.....3..rings

.....NUFF SAID.................

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