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Default Re: Wizards traded for Yi Jianlian from Nets

Originally Posted by Lancerballer21
I actually think that, at least at the beginning the wiz will play blatche at the 4 and mcgee at the 5 and have yi as a backup, unless we get another veteran big man.

I was really hoping that we coulda picked up rudy gay, before he resigned wit the grizzles cause i think that he would have made a great goto guy until Wall developed more and then he couldve became wall's number 2. But that didnt happen. I still think that we need 1 more player (preferably a 2 or 3) that can be clutch, or a defensive stopper and then we will be set.

You gusy would look good with Iggy at the 3. He'd be a great recipient of Wall's passes, as he's an elite finisher. He can also handle if teams trap Wall and he is a defensive stopper.
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