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Originally Posted by Saishi
I'm on the 360, but I rarely play any sports games. I like to shoot people in the face, so you'll usually find me on Rainbox Six Vegas or some other Clancy Game.

I havent played a Playstation since I got my original xbox and definately not now that I have the 360...:

I used to be a regular Xbox Live gamer. Then I got addicted and it affected my grades so I stopped. When I was on Xbox Live I played Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3, Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow, and Halo 2.

Anyone ever use standby in any game?

You could use it to gain an advantage in all the games I played. In Halo 2, if someone used standby, there would easily be a clear advantage and it wouldn't be fun. I only used it when my opponent used it.

Boring stuff aside...

I used standby in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3. Best thing I ever did on there! You could glitch your gun to make it look like you had grenades in hand, either though on your screen, you could have a gun out and ready to fire. Once I somehow planted two remote charges on the ground on one remote. I never did it again after I did it that once probably just got lucky. The best thing I ever did in Clancys was get on top of buildings, get outside of levels and go far enough to make it look like a dot, and kill opponents before a round even started (for those who don't cannot do this without standby or you cannot get do any of these things regularly).
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