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Originally Posted by LakerRaider
Man, Mike Dunleavy's a pretty good ball handler and I think he would be a nice option of bringing the ball up the court. This guy might just be a nice addition to the Triangle Offense. He's a smart player and has pretty god ballhandling skills. Furthermore, his father is coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. A rivalry between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers might just begin. Father against Son; Civil War.

Let this trade happen. Please let it be true.

WHY??why tha hell would u give up odom for 2 STIFFS that dont play any defense at all and are a huge liabilite on defense becuase they are terrible Atlethes who cant move their feet...i am not a big fan of big men who dont play good D. and who play so far out from the basket...Facing the basket..plz dont do this sorryA$$ trade the only good thing we get id Their pick which isnt that great to begin with...Roy would be gon...Plus i mean if Dunleavy and Murphy couldnt even make the playoffs with allstars Baron Davis and J..Rich
and with Big Fish off the bench what makes u think that they are going to do so great in LA with a whole new offense(triangle) that most players take 4ver to learn and they are going to get less touches...especially when they cant score with their back to the basket...that is going to ruin the triangle...
THEY CANT RUN....Plus then we will have NO body play makin.....Hello dawg Odom was our Main play maker and ball handler...w/out him our offense falls apart...WHY??? why would u want 2 Stiffs with horrible contracts
I would never do this deal....we would be sooo messed up cuz we
1. wouldnt make the playoffs
2. Would go over the cap even more
3. We wouldnt be able to trade those 2 stiffs and we would be stuck with their horrible contracts.....Let me remind u what happend the last time we took a risk and gambled on 2 recent big men...
1.Brian Grant....(STIFF...that was horroble...and we still are paying his horrible contract.)
2.Vlade Divac....(Stiff him 10 million for 2 many games did he play for us...15 games/ 0.Games started/ 130 minutes.. /13-31 field goals.../8-12 from the free throw line.../32 rebounds.. /19 assists.. /4steals /1 block /14turn overs /25p.Fouls and /34points total.)
C'mon me 10 millon and I can do that.....
Vlade was a joke....10 mil for 2 yrs...c'mon now...odom can get those stats easily in 2 games minus all those Turn only reminding u of what happend last time we messd with STiffs...
Lakers must not do this deal and STAY AWAY FROM STIFFS.....PERIOD
NUFF SAID....................
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