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Default Re: Some advice for basketball players

School just started and it's getting tougher to get to a gym, my local rec center's closed for 2 weeks, my parents won't drive me to the Celtics practice facility (even though I got a free membership there), the town tore up the courts for rebuilding, so I've been doing some shoot around on my hoop outside. It's pretty crap, the backboard's plastic and too forgiving and the rim is pretty forgiving as well. I'll definitely hit up the Celtics facility this weekend though, tomorrows my last day of school before a long weekend.

One thing I wanted to remember to share was something I got from Point Guard College and I remember thinking about it as I was wrapping up my summer reading before school started.


That was the truth they tried to pound into us by deliberately making terrible calls, cutting no slack and making us do stuff we'd think was pointless. And in reality, I'd probably still be on my couch trying to read a book and complaining at the same time. Here's what I mean:

A lot of people really just don't care about your basketball dreams and goals. I know for a fact my teachers and parents don't care that all the work they assigned bit into my time in the gym. Kids who want to run a pickup game and take up the only baskets at your local court don't care that you want to shoot around and actually improve.

Life isn't fair but you have to accept that. Try and stop complaining about anything: just like in a basketball game, complaining about something that happens WON'T change the call. What happened just happened and the best way to recover from that is to stay on your grind.

Don't waste time and energy complaining or trying to feel sorry for yourself, take action and make it happen. Learn to be unstoppable so that no matter what happens, whether it's pouring out or you have to read 50 pages by tomorrow that you do it and you still have time to train. No one is going to tell you you're free from working and you can knock yourself out training for basketball. You have to do that yourself!
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