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Default Re: Apprecation Thread: Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves

Completely agree. My favorite game on the current generation. My all time best looking game.

My few criticisms are issues really with what the game isn't. I'd like more ability to collect, and to upgrade weapons, but that's just not what this game is. And I feel like the puzzling could be a little more intricate. The fact that it doesn't fall dead into my wheelhouse, yet it's still my favorite game on the PS3 says a ton.

It's also the game that introduced me to multiplayer. I'm not a huge fan. But I loved this game so much that after I beat it I really wanted to keep going. The co-op missions are awesome.

It's also the only game I've ever gotten a platinum trophy for 100%ing. I did 100% Red Dead, but not the online content, so I never got the platinum trophy.
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