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Default Re: Rush suspended 5 games for failing drug test

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
How has Brandon Rush been looking so far in his first few seasons? He didnt improve all that much the 2nd season, at least statistically. Hasnt really impressed me much in the few games I saw of him last year. DO you guys see him as a legit starter at the 2? I think his overall fg% needs to improve and he needs to get the the stripe more often. I mean he averaged 1 a game in 30mpg last year.
Rush is a pretty divisive player among the fanbase, even before this. Opinions are all over the place on the kid.

He's one of the most frustrating Pacers I've ever watched, maybe the most. He's clearly full of ability, put Dahntay Jones's mentality in Rush's body and you've got a 16/6/2.5 SG. Rush is just so unbelievably passive. People say players look like they don't care but usually it's hyperbolic, not with Rush. He won't shoot, he won't drive, he won't dunk. He's a very good defender, I remember him giving Lebron a fair amount of trouble last year. He knocks down the open three when you can convince him to take it. But no, he's not a starting 2, not on this team or most others. I think his potential's pretty maxed out as a player, he is what he is. He needs to be used as a defensive role player, that Tony Allen type role. He could be a very good asset in this role, I think. But I've got an affinity for him, maybe it's because he D's up, more likely it's because I've seemingly been defending the kid since the first time he took the floor so I can't quit now.
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