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Originally Posted by LakerFan1086
I don't know about that trade at all. First of all reggie evans is a ball grabber i don't know if i want that kind of player. Also, he's 6'8 at center? no way. K-mart's knees have been an issue for a long time and at this point in his career i'm not sure if its worth it. Andre Miller is like the point guard lamar odom. He has amzing nights and then the next night its the exact opposite i still remember a night that he went 0-11. Plus we need a PG that can hit the trey and andre miller does not fit that description.
Also, i don't like how you traded the entire bench for brandon roy. Accordin to you roster we have a total of 10 players: 3 point guards, 2 shooting guards, 1 SF's, 2 PF's and 2 centers (if you want to call the 6'8" reggie evans a center).

I kno my bad..thanx for the tip..i fixed my input and wrote what i really ment cuz what i wrote b4 was missin a few things...(i rushed fualt)
good lookin out
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