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Originally Posted by DUKE
Yes he can guard big, slow, Bagaric but can he guard fast and let say "modern" center of NBA. I say no not a chance.
I saw him play against Cibona Zagreb in euroleague, he play... let just say he didn't play. he play first 5-6 min and he was that bed that coach Blatt throw him out. He play again later but he can't guard Damir Markota (SEcound round prospect in 2006 draft) He was to fast for him. Getin' three points and jump shot all over the court

I know. He has been inconsistent, and I am not convinced he will be as good as some people think. However, he lifted his game towards the end of the season, and defended pretty well in the Italian playoffs. He played a lot in the end of the season, and Italian league is one of the most competitive leagues where a young nba prospect can play.

And yes, I agree that he would have problem guarding centres who move better. All I was saying that the comparisons to Skita and pre-nba Dirk are not valid.
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